Veteran lawmaker Nekritz resigning Illinois House seat

“I’ve put in my time and given it everything I know how to do and think it’s time to move on,” said Nekritz, assistant majority leader in the House. “I don’t have anything else lined up, which is kind of scary, but if I can find something to keep me connected to the legislative process, which I love, that would be nice.”

She will be missed.

The Comeback Illinois Agenda

Our state is falling apart, but our state government is paralyzed by partisan bickering instead of solving problems. Things are working just fine for the wealthy and powerful special interests, but the rest of us are left behind.

It’s time for a comeback. We have a real plan to put people above special interests, to create long-term solutions for our budget crisis, and to make Illinois a better place to earn a living and raise a family.

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