Major Illinois Conservative Website Displays Seemingly Racist, Misogynist Cartoon


Major Illinois Conservative Website Displays Seemingly Racist, Misogynist Cartoon
GOP Leaders Are Silent So Far

Arlington Heights, IL – March 7, 2012 – On Monday, March 5, the Illinois Review website posted an editorial cartoon by Mike Lester of the Rome (Georgia) News-Tribune. Illinois Review bills itself as the “crossroads of the conservative community” and provides Illinois conservatives with a forum for news releases and opinion columns.

The cartoon depicts Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke during her recent Congressional testimony alongside a supposed pimp which bears a striking, stylized resemblance to Pres. Barack Obama. The pimp character is quoted as saying, “She just wants to have recreational s– and you to pay for it… It’s not exactly a new concept.”

Fluke’s testimony was centered on the fact that her friend suffered from polycystic ovarian syndrome. After excruciating pain, her friend lost an ovary in part because healthcare coverage for hormone medicine otherwise known as ‘The Pill’ was denied due to suspicion she instead wanted the medicine for birth control despite the fact she is a lesbian without a male partner.

In an odd twist, cartoonist Lester was arrested in 2009 for an alleged domestic battery incident. According to a local news report, after coming home from a bar Lester allegedly got into an argument with his wife and pushed her into a window, breaking the glass and causing an injury.

“It is beyond the pale that conservatives like those at Illinois Review would turn Ms. Fluke into a political target. All she did was speak up for women’s healthcare in the wake of her friend having painfully lost an ovary, a malady which may have been prevented with the right medicine,” said Kathleen Sances, Wheeling Township Democratic Committeewoman. “And, to attack their fellow American with a disgusting cartoon by an alleged domestic abuser who also uses that same illustration to apparently stereotype our American president as a pimp is simply astounding.”

“A number of prominent local Republicans have enjoyed being featured by Illinois Review including Congressmen Bob Dold and Joe Walsh; state legislators David Harris, Tom Morrison and Matt Murphy; and Wheeling Township GOP Committeeman Ruth O’Connell,” said Sances. “Because this cartoon image has all the hallmarks of bizarre racist and anti-woman sentiments we call on these local Republican leaders, each of whom have benefited from Illinois Review’s publicity, to publicly repudiate this malicious graphic. They should also take the Illinois Review staff to task for promoting it and demand it be removed.”

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