Wheeling Dems Committeewoman, President Endorse John Tree for Congress


Arlington Heights, IL – January 17, 2012 – Kathleen Sances, Wheeling Township Democratic Committeewoman, and Rob Nesvacil, President of the Wheeling Township Democrats executive board, today announced their individual endorsements of John Tree, 10th District Congressional Candidate.

In endorsing him, the two Wheeling Dems leaders cited Tree’s career in the military plus his private sector experience at Fortune 500 companies and running a local small business. Sances and Nesvacil also noted Tree’s Democratic values including standing up for fairness, responsibility and the common good.

“With 21 years in the Air Force, John Tree can speak with authority when it comes to reducing Pentagon spending the right way and investing that money in clean energy jobs and helping families put their kids through college,” said Sances.

“John Tree’s background as a small business owner and as a Colonel in the Air Force Reserve makes him uniquely able to recognize and fight for solutions to help the middle class and generations to come,” said Nesvacil. “My wife and I have three young kids and John’s exactly the kind of guy I want on our side leading the way forward from the current dysfunctional tea party stalemate in Congress.”

Tree and the four other Democratic candidates in the 10th District met with the Wheeling Dems organization at their October and November meetings.

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