Wheeling Dems Announce Primary Endorsements


Col. John Tree and Lt. Col. Tammy Duckworth at Wheeling Township Democrats Candidates Forum

10th District candidate Col. John Tree makes a point during the Wheeling Township Democrats' November Candidate Forum. Seated next to him are fellow 10th District candidate Brad Schneider and 8th District candidate Lt. Col. Tammy Duckworth. 10th district candidate Ilya Sheyman and 8th district candidate Raja Krishnamoorthi also participated.

Wheeling Dems Announce Primary Endorsements

Arlington Heights, IL — January 25, 2012 — Capping off a hugely successful membership drive in which the group more than doubled its paid membership, the Wheeling Township Democratic Organization (WTDO) is pleased to announce the following organizational endorsements for Federal and local offices:

8th Congressional District – Tammy Duckworth
WTDO members had a lively discussion centering on how strong both Raja Krishnamoorthi and Tammy Duckworth are as candidates and how well their records, experience and ideas would represent the people of Illinois. In a close vote among members, Duckworth edged out Krishnamoorthi to earn the Wheeling Dems endorsement. “The clear sentiment among middle class suburban families in Wheeling Township is that both Tammy Duckworth and Raja Krishnamoorthi would be far and away better representatives in Congress than the vitriolic, hollow rhetoric of do-nothing Teapublican Joe Walsh and his deadbeat record,” said Rob Nesvacil, President of the Wheeling Dems.

9th Congressional District – Jan Schakowsky by unanimous decision
Wheeling Dems members voted unanimously to endorse Rep. Jan Schakowsky for re-election to Congress. “We need more Americans like Jan Schakowsky in Congress so she can continue to fight for middle class values against the entrenched elites in the out-of-touch Republican Party,” said Nesvacil.

10th Congressional District – co-endorsement of John Tree and Ilya Sheyman

WTDO members discussed the merits of all five 10th district Democratic candidates and decided that both Ilya Sheyman and John Tree are deserving of co-endorsement. “Both Tree and Sheyman have demonstrated a tireless will to fight for the middle class and a stronger American future. Either of them will offer 10th District voters clearly better representation than the unfortunate Light Tea record that Bob Dold has fostered as he flip-flops his way through Congress by voting against issues he claimed to support in 2010,” said Nesvacil.

In other contests, the following candidates are also endorsed by the Wheeling Dems:

29th State Senate District
– Julie Morrison

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (voters nominate 3 candidates)
– Debra Shore
– Kari Steele
– Stella Black

Cook County Circuit Court (Pucinski Vacancy)
– Ed Maloney

Cook County Subcircuit Court 12th District (Rochford Vacancy)
– Andrea Schleifer

In a unanimous decision, WTDO members also voted to endorse the following uncontested Democratic candidates (state legislative districts include a portion of Wheeling Township):

- President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden
– State Senator Terry Link
– State Rep. Elaine Nekritz
– State Rep. Carol Sente
– Cook County Recorder Karen Yarbrough
– Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez

For more information about Wheeling Dems email info@wheelingdems.com or follow us at Twitter.com/WheelingDems.

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